Gardeners delight

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Appledore Horticulture Show

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Doris Pink

There’s something about a room full of fragrant flowers and giant veg that attracts me. My imagination goes into overdrive as I walk along the lines of artistically arranged, produce of nature. These exhibits have been carefully planted, fed and watered, over the months, leading up to the flower and produce show. I can almost feel the energy and pride of each person, who has exhibited the fruits and flowers of their labours.

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Dahlia Blooms

Appledore Horticulture Society’s Annual Show, was held last Sunday 11th August in the Appledore Community Hall. The day being a damp, more like an October day, was made considerably brighter,by the vast array of colourful exhibits, held within. Paying my entrance fee at the door, I enquired “Can I bring my dog in”? The stern reply “As long as it doesn’t eat anything”. Now, Gypsy being a typical Labrador, stuck her nose in the air, looked with disdain at the rows of veggie and floral displays and pulled me firmly towards the homemade cake and tea counter. Knows her own mind, does my Gypsy.

Enquiring of the Society’s Secretary Mrs J. Smale, if I could take some photos and write this blog, she kindly agreed and offered to hold Gypsy while I walked around. Think she may have been a bit of a handful, as she was standing by the cakes at the time! Anyway, I sauntered off to complete the task in hand:

Must say I was amazed, how the local community had worked so hard, to produce the vast array of horticultural offerings, also the committee: R. Smith, Miss J Smale, Ms M Curtis, A. Mitchell and K. Dunn who had made the whole thing possible, giving us non green fingered mortals, the chance to see what can be done, with a little dedication and hard work. President: A. Graves, Treasurer: S. Dunn, Chairman: D. Routley, Secretary: Mrs J. Smale and Vic Chairman: M. Curtis also need to be mentioned in dispatches.

Flowers, arrangements, floral, plants, best in show,
Flower sculpture

I really didn’t envy the job of the judges: R.G. Hoskins ENVS, B. Shaw, Mr Plant and Mrs S. Glanville. How do use choose between so many exhibits? Still, I suppose, if you know what you are looking for, it makes it easier. I for one, wouldn’t have a clue.

Thank you to Appledore Horticultural Society for arranging this wonderful show and thanks to the contributors for all your hard work, which really brighten my and all the other visitors day.

P.S. If you would like to know which plant fascinated me the most, its this one:

Buzzy Lizzy, flowers, gardens, pot plants, gardening
Parrot plant

I’m told its a member of the Bizzy Lizzy family!

Next weeks blog will be about Alice Kitto and The George, Market Street, Appledore

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