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Appledore Knitting Group

Things are happening behind closed doors in the beautiful historic port of Appledore on the North Devon coast. Meander along the beautiful old quay, listen to the gentle lapping of the the river Torridge against the ancient stone wall and watch the boats bobbing on the water, the village of Instow acting as a backdrop to this peaceful, tranquil panorama.

The pretty pastel coloured houses and shops which flank the Quay are slumbering resplendent in the late morning sun as I approach Appledore Library. I furtively glance to both sides of me before pushing open the door and entering! The scene that greets me is a hive of activity, with a murmur of voices, punctuated by gleeful chuckles. Not at all what one would expected from the inner sanctum of a rural library in a sleepy village.

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An industrious hive of activity

Appledore Knitting group was formed approximately six years ago and is run by its founder the lovely Josephine Sims and cohort Anne Bowden. The group meets each Wednesday morning from ten to twelve noon. Always welcoming new participants, between them they can impart a whole range of knowledge and experience to the hopeful newcomer, wishing to learn a new skill. If you are a beginner they are quite happy to teach you how to knit or crochet and help you with any problems you may be having. – Think that refers to knitting, but you never know. –

Appledore, knitting, jersey, community group, crafts
Appledore Knit-Frock in progress.

I was overjoyed to be invited to “take a few photos” of this lovely group. I wasn’t aware of its existence. It certainly needs some publicity as there are a wealth of skills, both old and new, that this group are willing and able to pass on to others. In the photo above an Appledore Knit-Frock is in progress. This item of fishermans attire was knitted by the woman folk of the villages for their seafaring men folk. Devon villages had different emblems incorporated into the pattern, indicating which village they came from, should the wearer be “lost at sea” .

All sorts of items are created by this lovely group, many of which are donated to various charities. As well as being an asset to Appledore Library, the ladies often act as Tourist Information, to local visitors. there is no fee to join, just turn up, enjoy and feel welcome. Not being a knitter myself, I have never been able to cast on, in-spite of my mothers endless patience. I might just give it a go, even just to be able to make one of the gorgeous happy hedgehogs. Thank you ladies, for inviting me. The pleasure was all mine.

Appledore Knitting Group. Appledore Library, The Quay, Appledore, EX39 1QS. Wednesdays 10-12 noon. Find them on Facebook.

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