A world apart

Appledore, Instow, Braunton burrows, Estuary views,Spring,

Postcards from the Estuary

The world, as we know it is being torn apart by COVID-19. Thousands of people have lost their lives, worldwide, with many more expected to do so, yet still people do not seem to understand the seriousness of this pandemic.

Sea, Sun, Water, reflections, Summer
Morning Sun, Appledore

Many of you will have had to cancel holidays, whether in the UK or abroad. The aim of my blog today is not to depress you, but to try and bring some positive thoughts into your lives. I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Appledore, North Devon, UK. Appledore is an historic port, which nestles on the banks of the Torridge Estuary. – Find out more about Appledore – Many visitors would have wandered its quaint streets over the Easter Bank holiday and many will visit when the pandemic is over. However, for those yet to become acquainted with this picturesque port and others who know it well, I would like to share my photos of this special place, for your enjoyment, from the comfort of your arm chair. If you have never been to Appledore, you may be enticed to do so.

cottages, cobbles, fields, estuary, reflections.
From Appledore to Instow
boats, estuaries, birds, lock down, skiffs,
Low tide, Appledore
Pastels, cottages, history, cobbles, Port
Irsha Street, Appledore,
water, cottages, blossom, sunlight, sea
Welcome to Appledore

Stay safe everyone, try to keep positive as nothing lasts forever. Rejoice in the fact that YOU are alive and above all have compassion and kindness for others. For me, having suffered for many years from Bi-polar I find the quietness calming, giving me time to reflect on past generations, who did not have access to all the forms of communication available in today’s world. Generations of children who had to walk miles to school, women who stayed at home, cooking own grown and locally sourced food. The butcher, baker and candlestick maker found in every village street. Our farmers who raised animals and fowl, for our consumption along with seasonal fruit and veg. These people were never bored. They may not have had much in material possessions and their lives may have been shorter, but they had community spirit and the beauty of nature.

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