Are salads your thing

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Ditch the Chicken nuggets

Are you a salad person, or more of a chicken nugget fan? Personally I’m a salad freak, the fresh combination of raw and cooked vegetables and fruits plus the texture of different beans, pulses grains and seeds really get me salivating.

Chicken nuggets on the other hand leave me cold. The thought of various minced up and processed bits of a chicken, coated in synthetic tasting batter or breadcrumbs, does nothing for me whatsoever.

For me a combination of salad and chicken is exciting. It can be any cut of chicken, breasts, thighs, wings or legs. Even leftover cold chicken from the Sunday roast, lends itself to all manner of quick and easy meals, which provide you with protein, vitamins and fibre when put together into a tempting, tasty salad.

salads, grains, seeds, dressings, mayonnaise.
Quick, tasty and healthy

There are no hard and fast rules of how to make your salad. Experiment with the ingredients you like, mixing them with a good homemade dressing. Homemade dressings like, French Vinaigrette, Lemon, Chilli, Honey and mustard and Barbeque are quick and easy to make from a few ingredients, shaken together in a screw top jar ,they are also much more healthy for you and a lot cheaper.than shop bought varieties. Mayonnaise is a little more difficult, once practised will become like a second nature and you can add your favourite ingredients to make a number of different flavoured dressings. Left over blue cheese, chopped hard boiled egg and tomato puree for Thousand Island and chopped garlic and fresh garden herbs for a great paring with boiled baby potatoes. The choice is yours.

The recipe below is for an Oriental Chicken Salad. Again, use your imagination and the veg that you prefer. If you are a vegetarian you can replace the chicken with Halloumi :

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