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Recipe Monday 23rd March 2020

Vegetarian Recipes

Daily recipe, Monday – Friday until further notice. Helping you with home cooking. With time on your hands, you may discover you have a new talent.

From a warming Cauliflower dish with a twist, to what to do with those leftovers. There will be something for everyone. Go on, give it a try.

We are all familiar with cauliflower cheese, but have you thought about using different cheeses & turning it into a soup? Below you will find my, lighter,  adaptation of that classic french soup Creme Dubarry. (Creme of Cauliflower Soup). Experiment away with different cheeses, use up those leftover bits of mousetrap from the fridge & if cauliflower is not your thing, substitute it for broccoli.

Cauliflower & Blue Cheese Soup.

Serves 4. Time taken 45mins.         G/F. Vegetarian.  Allergens: Milk. Nuts.


Large Cauliflower, broken into florets.

Large potato, peeled & chopped into chunks.

2 Bay leaves

2 cloves garlic, peeled & crushed

600ml Vegetable or Chicken Stock

175g Blue Cheese, crumbled

150ml Milk

White pepper & a little grated nutmeg 

200g Walnuts, Toasted & chopped.


In a large saucepan, place the cauliflower, potato, stock, bayleaves & garlic. Bring to the boil & simmer for 30mins, until tender.

Take off the heat, remove the bay leaves & using a stick blender, blend until smooth.

Add the crumbled cheese & stir over a low heat, until the cheese has melted.

Season with pepper & grated nutmeg

If you prefer a thinner, soup add the milk.

Serve, sprinkled with the toasted, chopped walnuts.

Thats the left over cheese & some nuts dealt with.

You will find another vegetarian recipe using cauliflower in a previous blog:  Cauliflower & Canellonni Burgers

Veg, burgers, beans, cheese, healthy eating,
Veggie Burgers

Left overs

If you have left over roast potatoes & bacon wrapped sausages, make yourself a breakfast fritatta.

Slice the left over potatoes & fry over a medium heat until golden, add the bacon & sausages & fry for a few minutes longer.  Turn up the heat.

Preheat the grill on high.

Beat together, 6 large eggs with seasoning & quickly pour over the potatoes, bacon & sausages in the pan. Lifting the edges, to let the egg run under the veg & set.   While the top is still slightly runny. Sprinke with some more of that leftover cheese & place under the grill, until the cheese is melted. Serve with those soft leftover tomatoes.

leftovers, fritatta, roast potatoes, cheese, pigs in blankets
Left overs. Breakfast Frittata

Marwood Hill Gardens

A hidden paradise in North Devon.

I’m in two minds about writing this blog, purely for selfish reasons, you understand! However, in these difficult times, we need to be kind and try to help others. So, I am going to share with you, my visit to these beautiful, little known North Devon gardens.

mindfulness, tranquillity, creativity, beauty, leisure,
A place of mindfulness and tranquillity

Marwood Hill Gardens, North Devon lies 4 miles north of Barnstable and 9 miles from Ilfracombe. Originally the neglected garden attached to a Georgian House now know as Marwood House. In 1949 Dr Jimmy Smart MBE VHM a doctor and anaesthesia, combined with his working life, set about the daunting task of transforming the chaos, into a haven of peace and beauty. In the early sixties, after the purchase of rough pasture land , including a stream running through the valley – which was dammed, creating two small lakes – trees and small specimens were planted and a sculpture by the Australian Artist John Robinson erected on an island in one of the lakes. In the same decade the first greenhouse was built inside a dilapidated walled garden, which holds a large collection of Camellias, for which Marwood Hill Gardens holds the largest collection of over 300 varieties.

Mother and child

One bowl cake

Fruit and Nut Cake

Ok, you home workers or those self isolating, its time for a little exercise. Jump up from the sofa, walk towards that kitchen, done the apron and get the bowl and the wooden spoon at the ready. The time has come to make some cake. We can’t have you sitting around, scoffing sugar and additive laden shop bought cake, when, with the extra time you have on your hands you can whip up a tasty cake, brimming with healthy ingredients, with not a preservative in sight. Experiment with using different fruits, fresh and dried, nuts, seeds and cereals. Use your imagination.

nut cake, fruit cake, dates, cooking, homemade
A slice of fruit and nut cake

An Amble around Appledore

A pooches paradise

Yet another day dawns, damp and dull, in the historic village port of Appledore, North Devon. Still, no matter “worst things happen at sea” as my dear old mum used to say.

The pooch eyes me from the cosy comfort of her arm chair “You’ve had the coffee, let’s go” she seems to imply. Reluctantly, pulling on my boots and forgoing a second cup of caffeine fuelled reviver, we set off.

Appledore, Walks, North Devon, Child friendly, Dog friendly,
Walkies. Please.

If you are feeling a tad depressed and a in need of a lift, there is no better place to be than Appledore. Whatever the weather the views, your fellow dog walkers and the general beauty of this historic place will certainly raise your spirits and make you feel glad to be alive.

Crossing the road from our cottage, we head towards Anchor Park. puffing as I go, – it is up hill after all! Just love this park, once up the steps I let the pooch off the lead, turning to drink in the fabulous view, I feel almost alive.

View from Anchor Park, Appledore

Vibrant Veggies

Vibrant Veggie Kitchen

I meet many people in the course of my blog writing day, but I have to say, Sarah Styles-Power of the Vibrant Veggie Kitchen, alias Shebbear Cheese is one of the nicest, honest, hard working people, I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The slogan “keep calm and carry on” could easily have been coined with this lovely lady in mind.

Calm and carrying on

Life Around the Tide Bell

Community Science Workshop

Ever booked for an event, feeling full of enthusiasm, only to wake on the day and regret it? Such we’re my thoughts last Wednesday. I had booked for a Community Science Workshop in Appledore, North Devon. This event was classroom based, with a “hands on” outside element added. Outside meant on the banks of the Taw/Torridge estuary, in the pouring rain, hail and sleet accompanied by a blasting gale, with a wind chill factor of minus three. “Hands on meant” searching amongst the sand, mud and stones to find elusive marine life within a designated area, surrounding the Time and Tide bell. The first to be erected in the UK.

Chilling out in Appledore

The Dogs Dinner

Tasty titbits that are well good.

When it comes to the pooch, I’m always scratching my head! Noooo. I don’t mean she’s got fleas, its the quandary I get into, about what to feed her for dinner?

These days, the media is full of advice and advertisments about what to feed your furry friend. Years ago they got scraps from the table and the bone from the Sunday roast. However, in this enlightened age, the Sunday roast has long gone, being replaced by a Halloumi fajita or Spinach and Feta Salad. Not quite the thing to tickle the taste buds of our carnivorous companions.

Any self respecting pooch today, is looking for the canine equivalent of Haute Cuisine and dietary nutrition to maintain both tongue tingling taste and their glossy coats, strong teeth and bones.

Dog bones, dog food, dog treats, dog nutrition, animal welfare,
Home baked doggie happiness

Hidden North Devon

Northam Burrows, North Devon

My loyal pooch and I, will not be beaten. The torrential rain, face stinging hail and tree bending winds of the past few weeks, have not deterred us from our daily pleasures of walking the glorious North Devon coastline, salt marshes and sand dunes. Thursday morning dawns gloomy and wet. I catch sight of a social media post for a WW II History walk over Northam Burrows.

Northam Burrows, World War Two, Pebble ridge, History, D Day,
D Day Trail Marker

What better way to spend a few hours than a bracing walk, whilst gathering some local historical knowledge and discovering some of the secrets of “Hidden North Devon”. We were off.

On arrival at Northam Burrows for the meet at The Visitors Centre, we had a slight problem, the road was total flooded and the great lake, being the car park, was being dredged! Not being a wuss, I parked on a dry bit of land and tried to open the door. I wouldn’t say that I was weak, but it took some effort to push against the gusting wind. Having achieved the task, I clipped the lead onto the hound and we set off, taking one step forward and being blown, two backwards. Finally reaching the centre (Late), I joined the group of hardy, waterproofed individuals and Rangers. Off we went.

Northam Burrows, History trail, WWII, Walking, Weatherproof,
Dressed for survival


North Devon Does Events.

North Devon is a lively place, with plenty of exciting events to keep all age groups happy. There is always something going on whatever the season.

The Champ Appledore.

Live music is a regular feature in local pubs & clubs along with Quiz nights & themed food evenings.

New North Devon Event

Saturday 7th March 2020 Hartland Book Festival. Hartland Parish Hall. 10-2pm. Free Cake with every book purchased. Coffee, book signings.

Book fests, Food fests, Regatta’s, village carnivals and crabbing competitions, are just some of the activities to be found throughout beautiful North Devon.

Book festivals, crabbing, food fests, farmers markets, music,
Book Festivals

This page is updated on a daily basis, Whether you are looking for some where to go, or want your events posted here, this is your one stop page. Email: appledore@truffleicious.co.uk

food, drink, markets, dog friendly, organic
  • Hartland Farmers Market.
  • First Sunday of each month.
  • Organic produce and breads
  • Ceramics and stone pictures
  • Fresh and smoked fish
  • Homemade veggie dishes
  • Big Breakfasts
  • Fabulous fresh coffee
  • 10am-1.00pm Hartland Parish Hall. Hartland, North Devon EX39
  • Follow this link to read more
Appledore, Community, Group, Pensioners, Tea parties, board games,

Community Group

By the community for the community. Donations for blogs written by this site help to support Appledore Artisans Click the link to find out more.

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