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How do you take your Gin in the evening

Those of you who know me, will find it no surprise that I am writing a blog about Gin. But believe me, this is no ordinary Gin. We have come a long way since the days of pink Gin. For those of you not so long in the tooth as me, I will explain. A pink gin was usually a Plymouth Gin, with a couple of drops of Angostura bitters – herbal alcholic preperation, based on Gentian, herbs and spices. – added. One could chose to have it “In” or “Out” the later being swirled in the bottom of the glass before being tipped away and the Gin added. Now we have our herbal infussion already added to the gin, all the better for the absorbtion of flavour to the Gin.

A taste of the ocean

Atlantic Spirit is an innovative, small batch Gin producer based in the idyllic North Devon countryside. This husband and wife team are both passionate about their product, investing a great amount of their time and creativity to produce this delicious handcrafted product.

The story behind Atlantic Spirit Gin Distillerys birth, is quite simple. A Still, given as a birthday present about four years ago, resulted in the production of a superior Premier Gin. Having a relative who works at a vineyard probably inspired an interest in alcohol, but who knows. The product was born, which is very lucky for all of us who are Gin lovers.

On the rocks.

These fine Gins are not aimed at the sticky, sweet, erzat flavoured Gin fraternity, but for the discerning tipplers amongst you. Those who appreciate the clean cut taste of a small batch Gin, subtley infused with locally collected, herbs, seaweeds, petals and any number of unusual, forraged, plants, berries etc, which the couple collect on their walks along the rugged North Devon coast.

The first Gin created was Hibiscus, which I was lucky enough to be given a sample of, along with the Seaweed Gin, – a definate aroma of the Atlantic prevails, – which I like with a slice of Grapefruit. Samphire, Laver and Thai bazil – love the taste of Anise – Gins have also been created, with many more in the experimental stage.

How do yo take your Gin in the evening

You can purchase these fabulous Gins from local stores in North Devon or order on-line by clicking the following link: Drink Finder

Right; thats your Christmas presents sorted for this year and all socially distanced too. Mind you, there is plenty of time to try them for yourself before decided which flavour is most suitable for which person. Be rude not too. Enjoy.

A taste of North Devon

Atlantic Spirit. Hand made, small batch premium Gin from the rugged North Devon Coast. Email: Website: Atlantic Spirit

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